The Role of the Oceans in Climate

TUE, JUN 16, 2015 (40:43)

Learn about the complex and vital relationship between the oceans and Earth’s climate. Researchers at Woods Hole describe how they gather climate and monsoon data via remote sensors in the oceans, and find out more about how international teams work on research cruises.

+ BIO: Amala Mahadevan

Amala Mahadevan is a scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Her interests lie in exploring processes that shape the oceanic environment and contribute to the earth’s climate. She uses models and observations to study transport and mixing processes in the ocean and their implications for oceanic biogeochemistry and ecology. She is particularly interested in understanding the link between physical and biological processes in the oceans, which is of relevance for the oceanic carbon cycle with which the earth’s climate is so intrinsically linked.

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