In Between: Race in America Today

WED, OCT 27, 2010 (1:05:18)

Rev. Mark Morrison-Reed discusses his book, In Between: Memoir of an Integration Baby, his memoir of growing up during the era of the civil rights movement. He wrestles with racism, the death of Martin Luther King, black radicalism, his interracial family and his experience as one of the first black Unitarian Universalist ministers. How does his experience let us gauge the impact of racism in our society? How post-racial is America?

+ BIO: Mark Morrison-Reed

Ordained in 1979, the Rev. Morrison-Reed and his wife, Donna, served as co-ministers for 26 years. His graduate thesis, Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, first published in 1984, is still in print. Now retired from active ministry, he is currently working with Meadville Lombard Theological School to organize and build the library’s archive of materials relating to African American involvement in Unitarian Universalism.

+ BIO: Fred Small

Rev. Fred Small is Senior Minister of First Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Unitarian Universalist) and co-chair of Religious Witness for the Earth, a national interfaith network dedicated to public witness on critical environmental issues, especially global climate change. A folksinger and songwriter, he released seven albums over two decades and toured nationally and internationally.

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