#WritersResist in Boston 2017

SUN, JAN 15, 2017 (13:58)

Inspired both by the imminent inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President, and on the weekend marking the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr, writers & activists gathered in fifty cities across three continents for a counter-inaugural demonstration: #WritersResist.

NOTE: Full length video coming soon.

In Boston, attendees queued in long lines around the Boston Public Library, waiting for doors to open for the event. Rabb Lecture Hall was filled to capacity and inside, 25 presenters read poems and speeches intended to inspire everyone to resist bullying, advocate for immigration reform, women's choice, healthcare and open borders. In the words of the organizers, "...to re-inaugurate our shared commitment to free expression, civil rights, and the values essential to a democracy."

Readings and performances by Rob Arnold, Laura van den Berg, Michelle Garcia, Krysten Hill, Richard Hoffman, Helen Elaine Lee, Jennifer De Leon, Marianne Leone, Michael Lowenthal, Alma Richeh, Jabari Asim, Liana Asim, James Carroll, Martha Collins, Kofi Dadzie, Martín Espada, Danielle Legros Georges, Jennifer Haigh, Giles Li, Dale Peterson, Marta Rivera, Alexis Rizzuto and Fred Merchant.

Presented by Daniel Evans Pritchard, founding editor of The Critical Flame.

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